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About Mistress Sophia

....pleasure is not a luxury, but a profound psychological need.

I am a  professional dominatrix & skilled practitioner of the conscious bdsm arts and fetish play.

I enjoy many different kinds of scenes from mild to intense sadism to a nurturing role play and everything in between. With 32 years of  active professional experience. With functional mastery in Bdsm/Fetish play my specialty is Sensual Domination.  I enjoy working with novices and serious players guiding them though the experience they wish to have. 

I have keen judgement and a strong intuition which allows me to guide you effortlessly unearthing your latent desires and allowing you to experience your fantasies in real time. I prefer long term domme/sub relationships allowing your mistress to go deeper into your imagination and live out the fantasies you have always wanted to experience yet never found anyone who could help you fulfill them.

I am a mature woman is her mid 50's, standing 5'8", 165lbs, blonde haired, blue eyed, curvaceous woman of  european decent.

I  play safe, sane and consensual.  Discretion is very important to me. I ensure privacy for all of my clients from the average man to the high profile professionals and celebrities.


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